Film gucken beim Google

… und zwar hier (1h 46min).

No Nights Too Long ist ein Film mit Homo-Plot (guck ich zuviel von diesen Filmen?), den es weder auf DVD, noch im Kino gab. Hauptdarsteller ist der überaus gutaussehende Lee Williams (u.a. Billy Elliot), zwei kleine Vorschaubilder bei OhlalaParis, Inhalt geht so:

Tim Cornish is a young English man whose life has been altered by a tragedy in which he played an important part two years before. As he begins to receive strange letters telling accounts of castaways on deserted islands, Tim feels that he needs to write his story…

Educated in a school for boys, Tim has never had a satisfying relationship with a woman… or a man. One day he meets Ivo Steadman, a paleontologist, who rents rooms in his creative writing teacher’s house. Between Tim and Ivo, who is older than Tim, a passionate love affair begins, until Tim progressively distances himself from Ivo. The relationship begins to falter, with Tim cheating on every possible occasion and Ivo becoming increasingly patronizing.

Before embarking on an Alaskan cruise with Ivo, who gives conferences on the ship, Tim stays 10 days alone in a hotel in Juneau. He meets a woman from Seattle, Isabel, whom he falls in love with… Tim is adamant that he will see Isabel again in Seattle after the cruise. But how can he tell Ivo, how can he leave him without drama? Tim’s dilemma will lead to dramatic events unfolding over the following two years… (Quelle)


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